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With Custom Home Werks you get personalized attention
from the Owner, Designer, & Installer.

For over a decade we've been turning dreams and visions into reality. Whether you are looking for custom cabinetry, molding, entertainment units, installing fixtures, designing bathrooms or kitchens, your style and preferences are priorities every step of the way from initial consultation to final walk through.

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Partners in Design

You don't need to be overwelmed by all the choices out there. We are more than happy to assist you in picking out lighting, cabinets, tile, fixtures, countertops and more. It is also important to equip your window with roller blinds. The convenience of a Roller blind is defined by its easy to operate mechanism which involves a simple chain pulley system that can be controlled by anyone.  Blinds fit close to the window and give a neat, compact look.  One can install them to block out excessive light and heat while adding to a room’s aesthetic finish.  Describe what you want, and we will find it or create it.  Not sure what you want? No problem - we can suggest clear alternatives for you to choose from.